Elizabeth Berdann


New website coming soon, and old news

Sometime this summer -- stay tuned! It will be completely reorganized and redesigned, and will include truly recent work.

2012: My solo show at Shelburne Museum in Vermont is in its final weeks; "Deep End" is in a 19th-century lighthouse that was formerly on Lake Champlain (rescued by Electra Havemeyer Webb in the 1950s). The show explores the mythology of the sea in the form of portrait miniatures. I've searched folklore and mythologies near and far; I've thought long and hard; and I've enlisted a number of young performers to help me recreate mythical creatures, from the Japanese Kappa to Scylla and Charybdis. There is a little sunken treasure, and a sailor's valentine thrown in for fun.

On April 14 I traveled down to Birmingham, Alabama to teach an adult workshop in painting "Lover's Eyes". This is in conjunction with their show of historical Lover's Eyes in the Skier Collection. The show is titled "The Look of Love"; I have a link to the museum's website and description of the show on my LINKS page. Check it out, they are wild and wonderful.

On May 6 I went to Columbus, Georgia to install and participate in a panel discussion about my work in "Past is Present", a group show at the Columbus Museum which explores contemporary work by artists who work in historical genres. It was the debut of "The Emotions...", my 80-painting self-portrait installation.

Please view (and forward) my video of "The Emotions", animated, on Youtube.

For more about "Elizabeth Berdann: Deep End" see Shelburne Museum